Friday, March 27, 2009

Building a Case Against Iran

Israeli newspapers revealed the IDF attacked a convoy in Sudan during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. The stories suggested the weapons were for the Palestinian side. IAF planes took out the convoy, an "Iran coordinated arms smuggling effort."

As usual, the article didn't differentiate between a governmental vs. private sector effort. The Iranian label suffices. Another story cited "the exact origin of the arms was unclear." Could they have come from Western defense contractors? A sale is a sale.

Other articles had headlines like:

Military clash with Iran
Tehran aims to create Gaza missile base that can cover whole of central Israel

Iranian leader assures Assad of Muslim victory
Ahmadinejad tells Syrian president that 'regional conditions are working against Israel and the US'

Olmert warned time was running out in the quest for peace with Palestinians and Syrians.

The Bushehr plant has a startup date of August 2009. Should Israel take unilateral action against Iran, the U.S. crafted an illusion of separation. Recall, the Obama administration proposed increased military aid for Israel after the IDF used cluster bombs and white phosphorous in Gaza. President Obama talks a great game, but his actions reveal little change in American heavy handedness in world affairs. The U.S. is the good cop on Iran, while Israel plays the crazed bad cop.