Sunday, March 8, 2009

Freedom to Buy Arms

Last year's $4 a gallon gas is 2009's arms order. The Abu Dhabi weapons show produced billions in orders for 900 companies from 50 countries. YNET reported:

The hosting United Arab Emirates country was the most dominant during the military exhibition, with orders worth close to $4 billion in one day. The UAE air force struck two major deals that day for the purchase of military cargo planes from the Boeing and Lockheed Martin aerospace manufacturers.

This is the same United Arab Emirates under criticism for refusing entry to an Israeli tennis player and business representatives. President Obama wants to give $2.77 billion in military aid to Israel.

What happens to $ billion of weapons? They are used or trashed. Violent, heavy handed leaders use them to trash people. Mostly innocents suffer in such circumstance, the same people who paid $4 a gallon gas. The world needs a reset in the very area unimpeded by global recession.