Thursday, March 19, 2009

Israel's Democracy, America's Best Friend

Recall President elect Obama's twenty five day silence while Israel pummeled Gaza. He missed Israel's confessed use of cluster bombs and white phosphorous during the operation. Haaretz reported:

During Operation Cast Lead, Israeli forces killed Palestinian civilians under permissive rules of engagement and intentionally destroyed their property, say soldiers who fought in the offensive.

That same democracy arrested Hamas leaders. The NYT reported:

Among those arrested was Nasser Eddin al-Shaer, an academic from Nablus in the West Bank. Mr. Shaer served as education minister and deputy prime minister in the Hamas-led government that was formed after the Islamist group won Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006.

His wife, Huda al-Shaer, said that soldiers arrived at their Nablus home at around 2 a.m. and stayed for about an hour before taking Mr. Shaer away. Speaking by telephone, Ms. Shaer said she had asked the soldiers why he was being arrested, “but they told me it was not my business.”

I thought democracies came with rights, like knowing why you're being arrested.