Friday, March 6, 2009

Chiquita's Terrorist Extradited to U.S. Banana Republic

Chiquita Brands International paid protection money to terrorist groups in Colombia. They reached a $25 million settlement with federal authorities. CNNMoney reported:

"From in or about 1997 though on or about Feb. 4, 2004, defendant Chiquita made over 100 payments to the AUC [United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia] totaling over $1.7 million."

Ever Veloza, the leader of United Self Defense, will be extradicted to the U.S., over concerns from Colombians. BBC News reported:

Ivan Cepeda, of the National Movement of Victims of Crimes of the State, said there was no reason for the extradition to go ahead so quickly.

"We didn't ask that he not be extradited, just that it be delayed until he could confess to everything."

The BBC's Jeremy McDermott in Colombia says victims' groups believe he was extradited because he knew too much about senior figures who were involved with the paramilitaries.

Corporate senior figures, elected officials, or American covert ops?