Saturday, January 24, 2009

BBC Cowed into Not Running Ad for Gaza Aid

The BBC decided not to run an ad for aid for the people of Gaza, despite having aired similar ads for Congo and Myanmar. Several British leaders criticized the BBC as a result. The Jerusalem Post article stated:

The national broadcaster said it had rejected the ad because showing it might harm the BBC's reputation for impartiality and because it could not be sure humanitarian aid would reach the needy in the chaotic territory.

Britain's main private broadcasters also turned down the ad. Health Minister Ben Bradshaw called the BBC's decision inexplicable and accused the publicly funded broadcaster of being cowed by the Israeli government.

Impartiality? Israel killed Palestinians at a ratio of 100 to 1. Their U.S. supplied arms destroyed $2 billion in infrastructure in a huge ghetto. Israel banned the BBC from covering the war in Gaza. They easily did so, because Israel had Gaza in a two year lock down.

C'mon BBC, be honest. Are the people of Gaza inhuman and unworthy of aid? Or does Israel play the cruelest kind of hardball? Maybe, both?