Monday, January 26, 2009

Lauder Not Blush on Iranian Nuclear Intentions

World Jewish Council President Ronald Lauder, the cosmetics heir, spoke emphatically on Iran's nuclear ambitions. The Jerusalem Post reported:

President of the New York-based World Jewish Congress said Monday that economic sanctions against Iran would not stop the Islamic Republic from seeking to attain nuclear weapons. Economic sanctions always help [but] the question is how strong they are and what effect they have. They cannot affect a country in the short-term."

In defiance of the UN Security Council and years of increasing economic sanctions, Iran continues to enrich uranium, which nuclear experts say is the hardest part of building a bomb. "We all know that the obfuscation and trickery of the mullahs in charge of that once great country have one clear goal - a nuclear bomb," Lauder said.

Short term-sanctions bad. President Obama's planned diplomacy has a three month time frame, i.e. short term. Lauder applied the foundation for violence. Look for the U.S. diplomatic team to make rogue Iran see rouge. That way, Israel and the U.S. can deliver laser guided lipstick shaped tubes. Watch the dramatic pair remake the Iranian landscape. They just teamed up to remove masked Gaza. Don't believe me? Ask Quartet envoy Tony Blair.

The honorable Mr. Blair said to Haaretz on December 20, Hillary Clinton and James L. Jones agreed with a change in strategy on Gaza. Bombs fell a week later. To date, Israel hasn't expressed the slightest inclination toward peace.