Thursday, January 1, 2009

Democracies Don't War

The shining democracy in the Middle East started its second war in two years. Israel aims to put the finishing touches on Hamas as it razes Gaza. Lebanon and Hezbollah were the target in the summer of 2006.

Hamas came into power via U.S. encouraged elections. George W. Bush and Condi Rice were surprised that a corrupt Fatah lost the majority. In America's usual divide and conquer manner, Bush supported Fatah, approving money to arm and train Fatah so they could provide security, even retaking Gaza. But Palestinians don't like to fight Palestinians.

Israel kept Gaza under siege for the last few years. One has as good a chance of photographing Gaza as they do of shooting a U.S. military serviceman's casket. A picture says a thousand words and violent leaders don't want many words said.

Remember George W. Bush's pathetic words, "Democracies don't war." They war and war and war....