Friday, January 16, 2009

Moving American Public to War with Iran

CIA Director Michael Hayden gave the Obama team an assist with his statement "Iran appears to be nearing a decision on whether to build a nuclear warhead." Unpack his statement.

"Nearing a decision" portends the intense diplomatic engagement where the Obama team will make demands of Iran. Rep. Howard Berman indicated a 3 month timeframe. At the end, Iran will predictably say no. Their meaning? Iran has the right to enrich nuclear material as signatory of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Agreement, something Israel never signed as it secretly grew its nuclear arsenal to an estimated 200 bombs.

This "No" will be sold to the downtrodden American public as the rush to a nuclear weapon, one that will be aimed at Israel or the U.S., and likely delivered via shadowy terrorist groups.

Swift diplomacy could quickly turn into a swift hammer. President elect Obama said he would not tolerate a nuclear equipped Iran. His layup of an inauguration is assisted by Michael Hayden. Wink, wink and a fist bump...