Thursday, January 15, 2009

General Peter Pace Hanging in the Pentagon

During the solemn ceremony, General Peter Pace's had the opportunity to speak on his record. Did he accept responsibility for his sins, prior to the hanging? He stated:

Pace said in the 15 months since he retired he has had time to think about what went right and what didn’t.

“I certainly made some wrong estimates. And I certainly made some recommendations that if I could take them back and change them, I would, given the knowledge of today,” he said. “But I also know that given the exact same data, at the exact same time in history, I would give the exact same advice.”

Pace said that all involved in the weighty decisions on Iraq and Afghanistan learned, and that the learning led to better advice. “I’m immensely proud of what has not happened because of the dialogue that has gone on among our senior civilian leaders and our senior military leaders,” he said.

After lamenting the erroneous advice given by subordinates, the ceremony proceeded to its climax. They hung "stoic to the end" General Peter Pace's portrait on the wall. The background is blood red.