Wednesday, January 14, 2009

U.S. Grifters Go to Nigeria, Home of Scams

Did Karl Rove, Jeb Bush and Howard Dean fly to Nigeria to meet the Prince with the $10 million lottery ticket, needing only an American citizen's bank account to cash in? One could hope, but the official reason was education.

The three served on a panel discussing the impact of President Barack Obama on the African continent. Other speakers included AWOL on Katrina Andy Card, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, and former President/gladhander Bill Clinton.

Why Nigeria? It's the largest oil exporter in Africa. Newspaper ThisDay sponsored the confab. Most did the gig for a fee, but Clinton spoke in return for a "significant" donation to his foundation. Was it Prince sized?

Here's a hint Africa, have more than two political parties and watch their incestuous relations with large corporations.