Saturday, January 17, 2009

U.S. Formally Joins Siege of Gaza

The United States officially joined Israel's blockade of Gaza with a signed agreement, shortly before President George W. Bush's reign of violence ends. The Jerusalem Post reported:

Among the understandings, he said, is a US commitment of "resources, wherewithal and technology necessary in order to fulfill our part of the bargain. The essential element of this is to inhibit the ability of Hamas to rearm."

Some US forces, as well as NATO and other regional countries, will work directly with Israel "in land and at sea" to combat weapons smuggling. The text calls for enhanced intelligence cooperation and US technical and logistical support for border monitors.

Recall this is the same America that can't keep Mexican drug lords from buying illegal weapons in our territory. The flow of illegal immigrants slowed to a trickle, more from lack of employment than physical or electronic measures. Should the military have more tricks than Homeland Security, what does that say about America's priorities?

And there will more lopsided wars, my friend. Israel killed 1.100 Palestinians, Hamas 13 Israelis. That's how a one sided cease fire can occur.