Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kuwait Finalizes War Plan after Barak's Uncompromising Meetings with Cheney

What did Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak discuss with Vice President Dick Cheney when they visited the week of July 14 and again a mere two weeks later? Mr. Barak provided some insight into the possible content of their meetings in his comments to an Italian daily:

A nuclear Iran would be "dangerous to world order."

"Either way, we need to keep every option open. If they provoke us, or they attack us, our army is prepared to attack and to succeed uncompromisingly," he asserted, adding that "it's up to us to find the best way to get the best result with minimum damage."

"Iran confirmed its message when it stood against the whole world: To deceive and to reject. Their aim is to obtain an atomic bomb."

Cheney seems to be doing his part with the mobilization of two additional aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf. Ehud Barak claims Israel is ready, but no Kuwaiti spilled the beans on his specific plans. Barak lamented Israel's poor outcome from the Amir Peretz led 2006 Lebanon incursion, but the Defense Minister cited things would be different under his charge.

"Two years ago, we saw the price that's paid for a lack of an experienced leadership. Nevertheless, today we're equipped with a good understanding to prevent this happening again."

"The State of Israel," Barak went on, "is in need of unity."

Oh no! Barak's using the old "unify the people via war" trick. We fall for it every time (other than a handful of peaceniks and academics). That fiction plus wars are good for the economy. Kuwait, home of US Central Command's Strategic Reserves, just finalized their war plan...