Sunday, August 31, 2008

Manipulating the Case for an Attack on Iran

The London Telegraph advanced Israel's cause for a preemptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. They did so by reporting on American "intelligence."

US intelligence is concerned Moscow will supply the S-300 anti-aircraft-missile system to Iran if Washington pushes through NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine.

Sorry, Iran and Russia already struck the deal. Parts reportedly have been delivered. Months ago, U.S. and Israeli leaders commented on the need to act before Russia delivered the remaining components and the S-300 system became operational.

This is part of a multi-pronged case for an Israeli attack on Iran, followed by U.S. involvement in containing any blow back. The Israel Project polled international support for such a strategy. It has a media campaign pushing the case for a move from diplomacy to military intervention.

Many want the public to believe the window is closing and violence is the only solution. Stay aware of the linguistic bricks paving the way to war. They're coming fast and furious...