Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hooville: UVA Grinch Steals Signs

Students will have to circle up and sing their inspirational messages for UVA sports teams. The Grinch stole into Hooville in the middle of summer. With his trusted aid, Groh, the Grinch left town with all of Hooville's poster board and magic markers.

This is the second time the green monster invaded town since my graduation in 1980. He kidnapped the Pep Band in his foray into Hooville. Unfortunately, University powers wouldn't pay the ransom for their return. Now, they won't pay for replacement paper or markers. Circle up students. The spirit of sports cheering lives on.

Wahoo, wahoo....

Ra, ra, wahoo-wa, Uni V, Virgini-ah
Who ra ray, who ra ray, hey, hey, UVA!