Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Operation Brimstone vs. Caspian Border Watch

The United States conducted a huge naval military exercise, Operation Brimstone, with French, British, Italian and Brazilian allies in late July. Kuwaiti media report two additional aircraft carriers steam toward the Middle East. As a result, they're preparing to enact their war plan.

Israel and Greece practiced a long range attack, Glorious Spartan 08, in early summer. Then they drilled on defending their country from multiple missile strikes.

Iran drills its naval assets in Operation Caspian Border Watch.

Newspapers suggest a naval blockade of Iran is in the works. Will the high seas provide the incident necessary for a wider conflict, one that decimates Iranian nuclear facilities?

After Russia's deep incursion into Georgia, Vice President Dick Cheney called for an answer, a strong response. Could an attack on another Russian proxy be in order, one that has Russian built nuclear reactors? Was the Georgian provocation intended to occupy the Russian military? Stay tuned, brimstone is on the horizon.