Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Koreans Greet Bush with Massive Foot Washing

President George W. Bush's visit inspired the masses to gather in Seoul, South Korea. Some 30,000 gathered for a Christian prayer service. The Pope like numbers come from the Emperor himself, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The Bush family ties to the head Moonie are a matter of historical record.

It happens George W. took most of the clan on the current trip. They comprise the Presidential Delegation for the Beijing Opening Ceremonies, along with a few high dollar family friends. So, the Koreans had alot of Bush to worship in the service.

And thank heaven for the planned boot licking, I mean foot washing. The water cannons, kindly provided by authorities, were needed to keep order as 20,000 anti-Bush protesters crashed the Church of Oppression, Greed and Violence. What luck, they were in place to drive off those dreaded devil worshippers. Were they Buddhist, Catholics or atheists?

As to the freedom to speak in the democratic country with a decades long American military presence, consider:

Police turned water cannons on them (protesters) as they tried to move onto the main central downtown boulevard, telling the crowd that the liquid contained markers to tag them so they could be identified later.

Oh, the glory of the Bush family world tour, as chronicled in the Washington Times.. Long live King George!