Sunday, August 17, 2008

U.S. to Operate Missile Defense System in Israel

Haaretz reported on the deployment of high powered missile defense radars in the Negev desert. The system will be maned by U.S. military personnel. It will enable the identification of missiles from two to three times Israel's current range, highly desirable should Iran launch an attack on the Jewish state.

An Israeli security expert said the significance of the deal lies primarily in its linking Israel with the U.S. satellite system, which will add "precious minutes" to its early warning ability.

Staffed by U.S. soldiers and linked to America's satellite system? Why not annex Israel? They might as well be our 51st state.

Harretz noted deployment of this system is the first time the U.S. military staff will be permanently based in Israel. That ignores the military supplies stocked in Israel on a forward basis.

When will this system become operational? The piece quoted one source as saying early 2009 but added a proviso, deployment may be moved up to this autumn. Yes, the same time frame as five aircraft carriers and a huge naval armada sail within striking range of Iran. Coincidence or vectoring? However, the race is on as Iran works to install its new state of the art Russian made missile system, the SA-300. They launched a satellite according to the BBC. Want to be it supports their defensive missile capabilities? Well, if everyone's on defense, who's on offense?