Saturday, August 9, 2008

Send Your Stories of Abuse to Congress

Our Republican Congressmen want to press how trustworthy they are to help with the rising cost of energy. Like a longtime coach or beloved uncle, representatives take the time to hear our stories in the House chambers. They've requested them by e-mail and snail mail.

The problem is their energy policies caused the very condition. Darkness into light means coming clean. Since they won't, it's time to shine the light. Republicans are in bed with big oil. It turns out my Congressmen, Mike Conaway ranked #1 in the oil money ranking. Why would I send this person my gas receipts? Also, the Texas accountant took a full year to find out NRCC Treasurer Chris Ward submitted fraudulent audits from 2002-2006 and made off with $700,000. It seems predators congregate together.