Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ciao or Chao: Chinese Labor Punishment for Two Elderly Women Displaced by Olympics

The Chinese government sentenced two elderly women to one year's re-education through labor for applying five times to protest during the Beijing Olympics. The women, age 77 and 79, lost their homes to the games and thought the compensation inadequate. Their protest application was never approved.

For disrupting "the public order," they will spend a year doing forced labor, often performed on farms or in factories. One of the ladies is nearly blind.

But don't fear, America's Labor Secretary will head the Presidential Delegation at the Beijing Closing ceremonies. And Mike Leavitt, Health and Human Services Secretary, will be alongside. When he inspects that heparin ingredient plant, he can check in on the women. Also available to help the Chinese is Karen Hughes of Burson-Marsteller, the huge public relations and communication firm. Their new Global Vice Chair has the skills to help the Red Storm deal with two elderly malcontents. Recall Karen's work winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim world!