Friday, August 22, 2008

Bush Paraguayan Estate at Risk?

Internet sources cited President George W. Bush's purchase of a huge estate in Paraguay. It sits atop one of the largest fresh water aquifers in the world. If "water is the new oil," George W.'s relations stand to profit handsomely. However, democracy could put a kink in the plan.

The people of Paraguay shed 61 years of right wing rule, electing Fernando Lugo, a center left candidate. Their new President is a former Catholic Bishop. He was sworn in August 15th and immediately went to work.

He appointed new leaders for the national police and military. President Lugo promised soldiers would carry out humanitarian tasks for the poor and "never again ... be used to repress or harass" people.

One of his first political appointments was an indigenous tribal leader. She identified indigenous land rights as a priority, as well as protecting forests.

How might new Paraguayan leadership respond to the Bush family's plans, especially if they involve taking the people's resources, water, timber, etc.? Don't tell me another regime change is in order...