Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Benefits of Democracy for Iraq

Just like divided Lebanon last summer, Iraq has the new found freedom to be attacked by their democratic neighbor. Turkey bombed positions along the border of the Kurdish region of Iraq after soldiers were killed and kidnapped. Sound familiar? Israel strafed Lebanon for a month before leaving hundreds of thousands of cluster munitions as a goodbye present.

But hang on, Iraq has even less democracy than Lebanon thanks to Coalition Provisional Authority Chief L. Paul Bremer. His decree that private security firms sit outside Iraqi law still stands, despite elected leaders' desire to repeal the order. Iraq doesn't even have the freedom to say who can and can't do business within their territorial borders, much less hold security contractors responsible for their illegal acts.

Not to worry, Uncle Sam will ladle out another helping of U.S. imposed democracy. What, Iraqi's don't like cold soup with no meat? They'll need some of that scarce gas or electricity to heat it up. As for improving the ingredients, U.S. leaders took all the meat. They did leave conditions for cholera, so look at the bright side Iraqi people. Anything of substance wouldn't stay down long...