Thursday, October 18, 2007

Those Terrorist Blogging Spies!

Justice Department Chief candidate Michael Mukasey warned of the newest threat to American freedom, and it isn't a Saudi school in Northern Virginia. Judge Mukasey wants the legal authority to crack down on government leakers, most of whom are conscientious whistleblowers. An AP report has this to say:

Specter also asked Mukasey to explain, in writing, specific objections to the proposed media shield law that would protect reporters from revealing confidential sources. Mukasey told senators the law would hinder prosecutors and could protect bloggers who are also spies or terrorists.

Did you note the language? Rather than say it could protect terrorists or spies using the open and transparent internet, he chose to use the word blogger. With the FCC's plans to further relax media concentration limits in local markets, bloggers could be one of the few independent news sources left. If Gordon D. Katz, attorney for Left Behind Games Inc. doesn't get them, maybe Attorney General Michael Mukasey will.

What did I find today? I learned that four of the nine members of U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom are evangelicals, as is the Chair and a Vice Chair. The media leaves out such information when they report the commission recommended a Saudi school be closed without having their curriculum reviewed. Those terrorist bloggers are next!