Friday, October 5, 2007

Condi Reins in Company

When I saw the headline, my hopes rose ever so slightly that America would put teeth into the way its companies act in foreign countries. After reading further, I realized the story fit better under the Freedom's Watch banner as it dealt with Iraq and better monitoring of private security firms.

There would be no peep from the Secretary of State on Chevron's supplying the Burmese ruling junta with millions in energy revenue the last 6 years. While France considers tough measures that would impact Total SA, the major holder of the same production field, the free market West acts as if nothing happened. I guess Buddhist monks don't draw the same feeling as say, an ex-Iraqi electricity minister under Paul Bremer's Coalition Provisional Authority.

Private security firms sprung the ex-minister accused of corruption from a Baghdad jail. From there he sprinted to Dubai for a press conference attended by U.S. diplomatic representatives. In no time he was back in Chicago, free as a bird. Why all that happened, I don't know. He must have had some major dirt on Paul & Company to be able to use that "get out of jail free" card.

Condi's real story involved the State Department sending federal agents along to monitor BlackWater's security operations and adding more cameras to vehicles to document the conditions faced. Guess who likely will foot the bill for additional inspection and high tech equipment? The Bush team is consistent in their lack of profound knowledge...