Friday, October 26, 2007

Turkey Appears Free to Pull an Israel

The Turkish government already started cross border incursions into Iraq to squelch Kurdish rebels. The question is how far they'll go. Israel did something similar the summer of 2006 when they took back Southern Lebanon some twenty five years, mostly via bombing. In both cases the United States efforts appeared lackluster.

President George Bush and Sec. of State Condi Rice sat on that hands for nearly a month. They remained silent as Israel carpeted southern Lebanon with hundreds of thousands of bomblets as they exited their democratic neighbor to the north.

The same team is worried that a Turkish invasion of Iraq will destabilize the northern region of the war torn country. In that light, one might expect action on Turkey's concerns, especially as they are virtually identical to Israel's. Sorry, at least according to AP reports:

Despite repeated Turkish demands for more action from both the United States and Iraq, Maj. Gen. Benjamin Mixon, the top American military commander in northern Iraq, said Friday he plans to do "absolutely nothing" to counter Kurdish rebels operating from the region. Mixon said it's not the U.S. military's responsibility to act. He said that he has sent no additional American troops to the area and he's not tracking hiding places or logistics activities of the rebels from the Kurdistan Workers' Party, known by its Kurdish acronym PKK. He also has not seen Kurdish authorities move against the rebels either, Mixon told Pentagon reporters by video conference from a U.S. base near Tikrit in northern Iraq.

It looks like another round of knuckle dragging by Uncle Sam. Democracies do war and border integrity seems optional at this time in world history, oooppss I mean hysteria...