Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Foreign Policy Analyst at CBS?

After a news update on the Palestinian leader's request to return to the 1967 borders, CBS cut away for commentary on the lines drawn by President Mahmoud Abbas. I expected a distinguished foreign policy expert, maybe a neutral party with good relationships with both the Israeli and Palestinian governments.

To my surprise Rev. Pat Robertson weighed in on how bad this would be. He created a vision of thousands of Arabs with Katyusha rockets camping along the runways of the main airport. Would that be the same airport Christian tourists use to visit the land Christ walked, as many as a million visitors a year? He encouraged people to contact George Bush and Condi Rice to tell them not to pursue this option. Why would Pat advocate such a thing?

Pat got booted from the development after his poor choice of words on Ariel Sharon's stroke. But some deep prayers with Prime Minister Olmert while Israel bombed Lebanese Christians, might have gotten the good Rev. Robertson back in the deal. No one will know, as the "promoters of freedom" consistently fail to disclose their financial conflicts of interest. It's even institutionalized in our hallowed stalls of government by the "iron triangle", existing of an influence buyer, a lobbyist and Congressional leaders. Legally they can spend taxpayer money and not have to tell a soul.

But my real question is why CBS would have Pat comment on peace between two countries? I guess they wanted to promote his 700 Club show, carried on the same channel after The Early Show. Brian Lamm of C-SPAN is right. There's very little news coming from most sources today. It's government propaganda or high dollar folks selling their messages. I may have heard a little bit of both this morning...