Sunday, October 21, 2007

Democracy to Democracy Wars

Last summer Israel invaded its democratic neighbor to the north to wipe out the threat posed from Hezbollah. Turkey faces a similar situation with attacks from Kurdish rebels based in Iraq.

Israel used the kidnapping of two soldiers as justification for a month long annihilation of Southern Lebanon. Turkey just lost a dozen soldiers in a border attack. News reports indicate several soldiers were taken hostage.

President George Bush and Sec. of State Condi Rice dragged their knuckles for weeks as Israel pummelled its neighbor to the north. However, both decry any incursion by Turkey to wipe out its terrorist threat. Why the difference?

It seems America has its favored allies, Israel and itself. Looking at Iraq it's hard to see any elected official as in charge. They can't even control who does business in their country. The black water simply reflects America's distorted image, punctuated by George W. Bush saying "democracies do not war" as his nose grows.