Monday, October 1, 2007

Chevron's Freedom March in Myanmar

Who knew 4,000 Buddhist monks presented a security risk? The Myanmar dictatorship robbed them of their freedom for the cause of security. While thousands of peaceful monks are moved to gulags outside the country's capital, the spigot stays open for western oil companies. Via a production sharing agreement, Chevron and Total SA line the pockets of the military junta. Despite Senator John McCain's screaming that all should be done to send a message to the Myanmar dictatorship, President George W. Bush has a lever yet to pull, other than a travel ban and U.S asset freeze of Myanmar's top leaders. If Israel can withhold taxes for Hamas, America can order Chevron not to send any funds to the perpetrators of violence. One might expect the new French conservative leader to do likewise with Total SA. Oil or freedom? What will Bush and Sarkozy choose?