Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bush Says "Go Ahead, Make My Day"

While George Bush hit the reclusive Myanmar junta with a double shot of travel restrictions and personal asset grabs, Condi Rice and Freedom's Watch were no where to be seen. As the oppressive military regime tortured, oooppss, I mean used aggressive interrogation techniques, prisoners died. They likely have no access to courts for redress (like German citizens snagged by the CIA, flown to Afghanistan and tortured).

Meanwhile Chevron and Total SA keep their production facility flowing, while generates major dollars for the junta. George and Condi won't cut off the spigot to Ms. Rice's prior firm. Chevron named a tanker after her, but re-badged it once Condoleezza became a public figure. Similarly, torture got a face lift ( or should I say scalping) by this same administration.

However, one person took a wide stance on this issue, Laura Bush. While Lacy George smacked the junta with his parasol, his wife showed her cohones. CNN reported:

U.S. first lady Laura Bush -- in a rare foray into foreign policy -- called on Myanmar's military junta to "step aside," give up the "terror campaigns" against its people and allow for a democratic Myanmar.

I guess her husband had no moral authority with which to speak...