Monday, October 15, 2007

Freedom Fighter/Terrorist Coin

Turkey declared its right to pull an Israel by going after terrorists encroaching their border and making deadly raids on its military. Last summer George Bush and Condi Rice patiently waited, while the Jewish state repeatedly smacked its democratic neighbor to the north. Turkey wants to do the same with Kurdish rebels in Iraq. BBC news reported:

In recent months there have been mounting calls for a cross-border military operation to target them, and deep frustration at US inaction against the threat. That rhetoric has now increased, putting the government under pressure to act.

"Our grand nation expects a determined and permanent solution against terror and separatism," nationalist MHP party leader Devlet Bahceli wrote in a statement. He insists Turkish troops have the right to cross the border, for the sake of national security

Let's see, did Devlet just pull an Obama? The Democratic Presidential hopeful declared he would conduct unilateral attacks in Pakistan to get Osama, thus ending any unfavorable name similarities. Heck if the U.S. and Israel can do it, why not everyone? Let the cross border raids begin.

But beware the blow back, Turkey. George Bush's good friend Ray Hunt just signed an oil deal with Kurdish leaders. Uncle Sam wants access to that black gold and previously showed its willingness to invade a whole country for access (source: Alan Greenspan). And what will an attack in Iraq do to President Bush's line "democracies are peaceful, they don't attack each other." It might be the nail that closes that coffin for good. As for the freedom fighter/terrorist divide one only need consider the Dalai Lama and China.