Sunday, October 14, 2007

Iraq Has Western Style Democracy Complete with Corruption

The BBC reported on the former anti-corruption chief in Iraq, now living in the United States for fear of his life.

Radhi Hamza al-Radhi said that the commission he headed had gathered evidence of 3,000 cases of corruption. He spoke from Washington, where he fled earlier this year, saying he feared for his life. A former judge charged with leading the fight against corruption in Iraq, he accused the Baghdad government of stopping him from pursuing culprits.

Mr Radhi said he had uncovered corruption on a huge scale. "We started our job in June 2004 with 3,000 cases," he said. "And we found that $18 billion was missing." The former commissioner said the Iraqi government had frustrated his efforts. He said members of his staff and their families had been targeted - some of them abducted, tortured and killed.

this month Mr Radhi told a US congressional committee that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki had protected some relatives involved in corruption. However the Iraqi government has accused the corruption fighter of wrongdoing, and said it would file corruption charges against him. Mr Radhi has described those allegations as a smear campaign.

Well, Mr. Rahdi Hamza al-Rhadi, you moved to the right town to continue your education on corruption and smear campaigns. Washington, D.C. should give you a PhD. in those areas, and yes it does stand for piled higher and deeper...