Monday, October 8, 2007

Freedom's Watch Circles the Wagons

Apparently the military junta in Burma is the only group getting a free pass from Brad Blakeman, head of Freedom's Watch and former Deputy Assistant to George W. Bush. Domestically, one now has to sign in to view FW's press releases. Last week, those items were readily available when I visited their site. No more. The group circled their wagons to keep information they want available to the general public, away from certain members of that wider audience. Huh?

In the Wild West settlers circled the wagons to brace for an imminent attack. Does FW sense a domestic terror outbreak or is this a pre-emptive move in anticipation of a broad scale bombing of Iran? Israel's cranking up the carrots to the Palestinians, which can only mean they want to attack someone else, and need the West Bank as quiet as possible. Gaza is already under siege.

Now Freedom's Watch Press Releases are safely circled, available only to "true supporters". Just as they've been silent on Burma, I expect not a peep out of this group on the freedom to torture, after Chimpy McHitler redefined the word (thanks to columnist Jay Ambrose for that description of our Commander in Chief). It appears China and Burma do it differently than head slapping, simulated drownings and freezing temperatures. Maybe Ari and company could learn something from their methods to further devolve U.S. nomenclature on prisoner treatment. After all it's nothing but a word game, with life and death consequences...