Sunday, October 14, 2007

Condi's Sad Week Spreading Freedom

Condoleeza Rice has to be the new Colin Powell, in more ways than sharing the title of Chief Diplomat. Under George Bush's bleedership, both must wake up in the morning shaking their head over their lines. Condi and Defense Chief Robert Gates just finished a singularly unsuccessful visit to Russia. After lecturing the Bush-like drunk on power Vladimir Putin, the pair dodged legitimate questions about America's international arms sales. Forgetting our own Cuban missile crisis, Bush will not be deterred in locating missile defense systems in former Soviet Union countries, much to Vladimir's chagrin.

Condi then jetted to the Middle East, the boil festered by American weapons largess and unbalanced foreign policy. The Lebanese recall those U.S. made cluster bomblets, the gift that keeps on maiming and killing. They were delivered last summer by their democratic neighbor to the south. During the conflict President Bush expedited the shipment of laser guided bombs to Israel, including bunker busters. They might also recall Rev. Pat Robertson showed up to pray, not with Lebanese Christians under the threat of peril, but Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Was that enough penance for Pat to get back into the Galilee World Heritage Park land development? Pat's mum about that. But all this American foot dragging, on behalf of democratic Lebanon, happened as Condi sat on the sidelines for a month. She couldn't even do shuttle diplomacy during the crisis. The world noticed.

But it's a new day, and a new meeting on Middle East peace is just around the corner. The Sec. of State shuttled into Israel for some pre-meeting planning. The area is abuzz over a new road into the West Bank for Palestinians only. American blacks only got separate restrooms, water fountains and seating on public transportation or in restaurants. Palestinians get their own road?

Condi cautioned about her visit and the upcoming peace talks "I don't expect out of these meetings that there will be any particular outcome in the sense of breakthroughs on the document." Those paying attention expect nothing from people in your position, Ms. Secretary, other than lies to start wars, belligerent speech, biased third party interventions, and tribal, power expanding perspectives. If another country is our friend, they can do no wrong. But woe to those who would challenge the Bush administration in this New American Century.