Monday, October 15, 2007

If Iran's a Parent of Modern Terrorism, Who's the Grandfather?

While cruising Christian Broadcasting Network to see if Rev. Pat Robertson got back in on the Galilee World Heritage Park, I found an article calling Iran "the mother of modern terrorism". It cited 1979 as the year Iran declared war on the U.S. and has "been killing Americans nonstop ever since."

I found that cutoff rather convenient as terrorist CIA agents overthrew a democratically elected leader in Tehran in 1953, before installing their own military strongman, the Shah. Not only did the U.S. give its overt support to Iran, Israel secretly did back alley deals for access to Iranian oil. In "The story of Iranian oil and Israeli pipes", Haaretz reported on Iran's current efforts to locate the pipeline that fed Israel's energy appetite until the fall of the Shah in 1979. Secret deals were hidden by corporate fronts, yet clearly the brutal Shah benefited financially from the sale of Iranian oil.

Currently a different group of military strongmen benefit from foreign energy deals, the junta in Myanmar. How much longer will they rule with a heavy hand, courtesy of funding from Chevron and Total SA?

As for the father of modern terrorism, is that Israel? Their unexploded cluster munitions is the gift that keeps on maiming and killing. A Briton died trying to clear the ordinance, the 13th so far since Israel dropped the tiny bomblets by the hundreds of thousands just before exiting Southern Lebanon.

Is American the grandfather of terrorism? Our CIA agents worked an overthrow of Iran in the 50's. The same man who called Iran "the mother of terrorism" on CBN, thinks it's time for round 2 of internal regime change, ably assisted from the outside. However his words on government approval sound eerily familiar, "if you're looking for a country where the people hate the regime, we know from the regime itself, from it's own public opinion polls, that 70 plus percent of the Iranian people hate the regime." If an overthrow happens, will Israel get those pipes flowing again?

Pat Robertson will need energy to feul heating and cooling for the Galilee World Heritage Park, that is if he was able to get back into the venture after holding hands and praying with Israeli P.M. Ehud Olmert last summer. While Pat prayed, Ehud preyed on Lebanese Christians. And there wasn't a peep out of Rev. Robertson. Apparently Pat doesn't like all Semitic people...