Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Myanmar Needs to Change its Name to Get FW's Attention

While the world watches freedom's light suffocated in Myanmar, Freedom's Watch trains its eyes on Iraq and Iran. In an odd coincidence, one can lop off the last letter of the two Middle Eastern countries, reverse the letters, and get the first name of a board member of the nonprofit Freedom's Watch, Ari. Does Myanmar need to change its name to Irat to get FW to weigh in?

Meanwhile Chevron continues to pump oil from fields in that oppressive country. Through production sharing agreements reached during Bush I's term, the junta benefits mightily. It seems the one's who "care about freedom" and those with real leverage are turning their heads. Will the dozen dictatorial generals please change your name to Irat? Maybe then the U.S. will pull the real levers of power to foster freedom in Southeast Asia?