Sunday, August 31, 2008

Manipulating the Case for an Attack on Iran

The London Telegraph advanced Israel's cause for a preemptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. They did so by reporting on American "intelligence."

US intelligence is concerned Moscow will supply the S-300 anti-aircraft-missile system to Iran if Washington pushes through NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine.

Sorry, Iran and Russia already struck the deal. Parts reportedly have been delivered. Months ago, U.S. and Israeli leaders commented on the need to act before Russia delivered the remaining components and the S-300 system became operational.

This is part of a multi-pronged case for an Israeli attack on Iran, followed by U.S. involvement in containing any blow back. The Israel Project polled international support for such a strategy. It has a media campaign pushing the case for a move from diplomacy to military intervention.

Many want the public to believe the window is closing and violence is the only solution. Stay aware of the linguistic bricks paving the way to war. They're coming fast and furious...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Israel Won't Let Iran "Go Nukular"

The Jerusalem Post reported Israel will not agree to allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons and if the grains start running out in the proverbial egg timer, Jerusalem will not hesitate to take whatever means necessary to prevent Iran from achieving its nuclear goals.

A coordinated marketing effort by The Israel Project suggests just that. Proof that the grains are "running out"? Jerusalem has put preparations for a separate, independent military strike by Israel in high gear.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bush War on Terror Spreads to Venezuela?

Liberal Catholics in South America could soon host Shia Hezbollah terrorists. At least Western governments are concerned that terror cells might develop and operate from our Southern hemisphere.

Which countries lean left? Venezuela, Bolivia, and Paraguay are on the Bush administration's list. Regime change would suit George W. fine. It greases the skids, if they're beaten with a terrorist stick.

Also, this report drives in fear. Is an election around the corner? I can just see a Bin Laden tape (jointly made with Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) in our near future. It’ll show the world the ability for a Sunni fundamentalist to work with a Liberation theology Catholic and a Shia extremist. Now that’s unity! George W. Bush is a uniter, after all!

Poll Says Americans Support Israeli Strike on Iran

The Jerusalem Post reported on a poll showing support for an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. The poll covered American, British and German voters. It was commissioned by The Israel Project.

Results showed support for a strike, if diplomacy fails. The story noted 63% of Americans as supporting such an attack. It implied lower numbers for the British (worried it could become like Iraq) and Germans (more general opposition to war as a problem solving method).

Specifics were given for negative views toward Iran, 64% of Germans and 39% of Brits. Americans feel much stronger about the Iranian threat, than countries physically much closer to Persian Gulf region. 85% of Democrats and 97% of Republicans believe the Islamic Republic represents a serious threat to the US.

Did you know The Israel Project has a public relations campaign to inform Americans of the Iranian threat? They have a team at the Democratic National Convention. Their website states:

The Israel Project has a team of 22 people on site at the Democratic convention distributing materials about both the threat posed by Iran and the opportunities of alternative energy. It will do the same at the Republican convention.

Funny, looking at the numbers, their money could be better spent elsewhere, maybe Germany and Great Britain. Unless they need to manage the movement from diplomacy to material crisis. Stay tuned! (John McCain's latest Obama bashing ad does the Israel Project's work for them.)

Oh, and The Israel Project's advisory board. It's made up of:

Sen. Evan Bayh (IN), Sen. Ben Cardin (MD), Sen. Saxby Chambliss (GA), Sen. Tom Coburn (OK), Sen. Norm Coleman (MN), Sen. Susan Collins (ME), Sen. Judd Gregg (NH), Sen. Joe Lieberman (CT), Sen. Ben Nelson (NE), Sen. Gordon Smith (OR), Sen. Arlen Specter (PA), Sen. Ron Wyden (OR), Rep. Rob Andrews (NJ), Rep. Shelley Berkley (NV), Rep. Tom Davis (VA), Rep. Eliot Engel (NY), Rep. Frank Pallone (NJ), Rep. Jon Porter (NV), Rep. John Sarbanes (MD), Rep. Jim Saxton (NJ), Rep. Brad Sherman (CA), Rep. Joe Wilson (SC), Actor and Director Ron Silver

Cheney's Ex-Company Charged with Human Trafficking

The AP reported (via Forbes) that an American defense contractor had been charged with human trafficking. No, this is not a rendition case. The piece stated:

Defense contractor KBR Inc. and a Jordanian subcontractor are accused of human trafficking in a federal lawsuit filed in Los Angeles. The suit alleges 12 Nepali men were being transported to Iraq against their will when they were killed in an insurgent attack.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday by an attack survivor and family members of victims claims subcontractor Daoud & Partners recruited the men in Nepal to work in hotels and restaurants in Jordan. The company allegedly seized their passports when they arrived in Jordan in 2004 and had them sent to Iraq to work on a U.S. air base.

Vice President Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, the prior owner of KBR.

KBR was incorporated in Delaware in March 2006 as an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Halliburton Company. In November 2006, we completed our initial public offering, in which we sold 32,016,000 shares of our common stock, representing approximately 19% of our total outstanding common stock, for aggregate net proceeds of $511 million. The remainder of our common stock was retained by Halliburton. On April 5, 2007, Halliburton completed its exchange offer of all of our outstanding stock and our separation from Halliburton was complete

How much KBR stock passed in the exchange (via his deferred executive compensation)?

Halliburton Stock Options Currently Held by Cheney (current to end of 2002): 100,000 shares at $54.5000 (vested), expire 12-03-07; 33,333 shares at $28.1250 (vested), expire 12-02-08; 300,000 shares at $39.5000 (vested), expire 12-02-09.

Note, the VP donated his stock option compensation to charity. But he did get a $20 million retirement package. Was any of that stock?

This information is from KBR's latest proxy statement:

KBR has adopted a "code of ethics," as defined in Item 406(b) of Regulation S-K. KBR's code of ethics, known as its Code of Business Conduct, applies to all directors, officers and employees of KBR, including its principal executive officer, principal financial officer, principal accounting officer and controller, and also applies to all employees of KBR and KBR's agents.

In addition, we have agreed that, for five years following our initial public offering, we will consistently implement and maintain the business practices and standards adopted by the Halliburton Board of Directors for us with respect to internal control procedures relating to the use of foreign agents. We may amend such procedures from time to time during the five-year period with Halliburton's prior consent, not to be unreasonably withheld.

A Cheney associated firm charged with human trafficking. How symbolic....

Secret Democratic Energy Meeting Gets Reporter Arrested?

Police arrested an ABC News producer trying to take pictures of Democratic Senators and their VIP donors at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. The producer and his camera crew were taking pictures from a public sidewalk. Was it the Energy Mid-Day Reception for invited guests only. Location: Unannounced? It was the right time of day. A Denver PD representative said, "advisement with that particular reporter started at 9 o'clock that morning and continued all the way up to the incident" at 11:55 a.m.

Who did Senator Evan Bayh glad hand with? Was it ExxonMobil, The Carlyle Group (number 7 on his lifetime donor list), WellPoint (responsible for wife Susan's $ millions in household income), or some other pillar in America's Corporatocracy?

The executives, lobbyists and their Azure Chucapabras (goat sucking Blue Dogs) couldn't stand for something as American as investigative journalism, even a camera crew operating from a public sidewalk. Here's their response:

A cigar-smoking Denver police sergeant, accompanied by a team of five other officers, first put his hands on Eslocker's neck, then twisted the producer's arm behind him to put on handcuffs.

During the arrest, one of the officers can be heard saying to Eslocker, "You're lucky I didn't knock the f..k out of you."

Welcome to the Bilderberg (Thy Will Be Done) National Convention Part I, a logorithmic expansion of the Dick Cheney secret energy meeting. Part II meets in the Twin Cities next week.

Oh yeah, the Washington Post CEO in attendance at their earlier Chantilly meeting, he's part of the corporate trashing of the United States of America. A pox on all their greedy houses...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Says Dead Diplomacy Means Israeli Attack on Iran

The Jerusalem Post reported "Barack Obama declared Monday that the world must press Iran through sanctions and diplomacy to stop its nuclear program, so that Israel does not feel its "back is against the wall" and that it therefore has no choice but to attack."

Days ago, the same newspaper predicted world pressure on Iran would lessen, given the schism left from the Russia-Georgia conflict. With diplomacy dead, the logic tree leads to an Israeli raid on Iran's nuclear facilities. Rumors had the surprise attack on Iran coming from Georgian bases.

Vice President Cheney travels to Georgia after speaking at the Republican National Convention. The U.S. and Israel sold weapons and trained Georgian soldiers. Likely, Dick is on his last war promotion tour.

Both sides have drilled for it. All we need is for Ehud Olmert or Ehud Barak to push the first button. Then it cascades downhill, just as Barack Obama predicted. And they'll act like Israel had no choice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chao and Leavitt Boogie at Beijing Closing Ceremonies

Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor, and Mike Leavitt, Secretary of Health & Human Services, closed down the Beijing Olympics on behalf of the Bush White House. They celebrated China's unique contributions to gamesmanship.

Elaine Chao knows about labor. What does she think of the two elderly women assigned to one month's labor re-education for simply applying multiple times for the right to protest the loss of their homes to new Olympic venues?

Mike Leavitt knows about health. Did he stop off at any of those hundreds of heparin ingredient labs while in China? Did he visit any of the Chinese plants providing tainted heparin ingredients?

It seems Chinese managers learned substitution from their American counterparts. Over the last decade U.S. leaders replaced American labor with cheaper Chinese workers, boosting executive compensation packages. In a mean game of imitation, entrepreneurial Chinese managers used cheaper ingredients in their products, from toothpaste to tires to heparin to children's toys. Many people died from this practice.

Elaine and Mike's attendance at the Closing Ceremonies punctuates that the Olympics are but a sports and media spectacle, opened and closed with dazzling displays.

"We have come to the end of 16 days which we will cherish forever," said IOC head Rogge. "New stars were born and stars from previous Games continued to amaze us. We shared their joys and their tears and marvelled at their abilities, and will long remember their achievements here. These were a truly exceptional Games."

Now, if we could only get some exceptional leadership. The unnecessary losses are growing.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bush Paraguayan Estate at Risk?

Internet sources cited President George W. Bush's purchase of a huge estate in Paraguay. It sits atop one of the largest fresh water aquifers in the world. If "water is the new oil," George W.'s relations stand to profit handsomely. However, democracy could put a kink in the plan.

The people of Paraguay shed 61 years of right wing rule, electing Fernando Lugo, a center left candidate. Their new President is a former Catholic Bishop. He was sworn in August 15th and immediately went to work.

He appointed new leaders for the national police and military. President Lugo promised soldiers would carry out humanitarian tasks for the poor and "never again ... be used to repress or harass" people.

One of his first political appointments was an indigenous tribal leader. She identified indigenous land rights as a priority, as well as protecting forests.

How might new Paraguayan leadership respond to the Bush family's plans, especially if they involve taking the people's resources, water, timber, etc.? Don't tell me another regime change is in order...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hooville: UVA Grinch Steals Signs

Students will have to circle up and sing their inspirational messages for UVA sports teams. The Grinch stole into Hooville in the middle of summer. With his trusted aid, Groh, the Grinch left town with all of Hooville's poster board and magic markers.

This is the second time the green monster invaded town since my graduation in 1980. He kidnapped the Pep Band in his foray into Hooville. Unfortunately, University powers wouldn't pay the ransom for their return. Now, they won't pay for replacement paper or markers. Circle up students. The spirit of sports cheering lives on.

Wahoo, wahoo....

Ra, ra, wahoo-wa, Uni V, Virgini-ah
Who ra ray, who ra ray, hey, hey, UVA!

FBI/KGB Needs Objective, Not Suspicion

New rules promulgated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation allow the intelligence agency to open a national security or criminal investigation on a citizen without reasonable suspicion. The privacy bar has been lowered, such that the FBI needs but a "valid purpose" for an investigation.

When John McCain looks into Vladimir Putin's eyes, he sees KGB. What does he see in the cornea of Attorney General Mukasey or the iris of President George W. Bush's?

Congress served as the enabler of privacy's destruction. With each overhaul of intelligence laws, Bush's team pushed the boundary. Mukasey rationalized his department's latest move.

He called it an effort to “integrate more completely and harmonize the standards that apply to the F.B.I.’s activities.” Differing standards, he said, have caused confusion for field agents.

Note he didn't say laws. FBI practices already pushed beyond that envelope. Welcome to the United States, an endemic spying society. The Carlyle Group's Booz, Allen, Hamilton appreciates the business.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ciao or Chao: Chinese Labor Punishment for Two Elderly Women Displaced by Olympics

The Chinese government sentenced two elderly women to one year's re-education through labor for applying five times to protest during the Beijing Olympics. The women, age 77 and 79, lost their homes to the games and thought the compensation inadequate. Their protest application was never approved.

For disrupting "the public order," they will spend a year doing forced labor, often performed on farms or in factories. One of the ladies is nearly blind.

But don't fear, America's Labor Secretary will head the Presidential Delegation at the Beijing Closing ceremonies. And Mike Leavitt, Health and Human Services Secretary, will be alongside. When he inspects that heparin ingredient plant, he can check in on the women. Also available to help the Chinese is Karen Hughes of Burson-Marsteller, the huge public relations and communication firm. Their new Global Vice Chair has the skills to help the Red Storm deal with two elderly malcontents. Recall Karen's work winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim world!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

U.S. to Operate Missile Defense System in Israel

Haaretz reported on the deployment of high powered missile defense radars in the Negev desert. The system will be maned by U.S. military personnel. It will enable the identification of missiles from two to three times Israel's current range, highly desirable should Iran launch an attack on the Jewish state.

An Israeli security expert said the significance of the deal lies primarily in its linking Israel with the U.S. satellite system, which will add "precious minutes" to its early warning ability.

Staffed by U.S. soldiers and linked to America's satellite system? Why not annex Israel? They might as well be our 51st state.

Harretz noted deployment of this system is the first time the U.S. military staff will be permanently based in Israel. That ignores the military supplies stocked in Israel on a forward basis.

When will this system become operational? The piece quoted one source as saying early 2009 but added a proviso, deployment may be moved up to this autumn. Yes, the same time frame as five aircraft carriers and a huge naval armada sail within striking range of Iran. Coincidence or vectoring? However, the race is on as Iran works to install its new state of the art Russian made missile system, the SA-300. They launched a satellite according to the BBC. Want to be it supports their defensive missile capabilities? Well, if everyone's on defense, who's on offense?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Homeland Security Adviser Collects Information on His University's Founder?

The White House Homeland Security Adviser, Kenneth Wainstein, supports efforts to give state and local authorities broader powers to collect intelligence on America's domestic terror threat. Ken graduated from Mr. Jefferson's University. Thomas had much to say on the role of government, Ken's employer:

"It has been said... that our governments, both federal and particular, want energy; that it is difficult to restrain both individuals and States from committing wrong. This is true, and it is an inconvenience. On the other hand, that energy which absolute governments derive from an armed force, which is the effect of the bayonet constantly held at the breast of every citizen, and which resembles very much the stillness of the grave, must be admitted also to have its inconveniences. We weigh the two together and like best to submit to the former. Compare the number of wrongs committed with impunity by citizens among us with those committed by the sovereign in other countries, and the last will be found most numerous, most oppressive on the mind, and most degrading of the dignity of man." --Thomas Jefferson: Answers to de Meusnier Questions, 1786. ME 17:122

"I own I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive. It places the governors indeed more at their ease, at the expense of the people." --Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 1787. (Forrest version) ME 6:391

"The people cannot be all, and always, well-informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty." --Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787. ME 6:372, Papers 12:356

One could conclude Mr. Jefferson might not approve of Ken's plans. But things could be worse for Thomas, if he were alive and speaking today. Consider:

"The oppressed should rebel, and they will continue to rebel and raise disturbance until their civil rights are fully restored to them and all partial distinctions, exclusions and incapacitations are removed." --Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Religion, 1776. Papers 1:548

"As revolutionary instruments (when nothing but revolution will cure the evils of the State) [secret societies] are necessary and indispensable, and the right to use them is inalienable by the people." --Thomas Jefferson to William Duane, 1803. FE 8:256

Might Ken be the student who imprisoned his teacher?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lever Falls in Bush's Lap on Russia-Georgia

High level advisers ponder what the West can do to impact the situation in Georgia. Pentagon Chief Bob Gates spoke to this issue in today's press conference (around the 16:30 mark):

"Russia is interested in Russia's superpower status,......What we have seen in the way they've treated Western businesses, and most recently in this, to reassert Russia's international status and do so in a negative way."

Yesterday, The Carlyle Group announced the sale of affiliate John Maneely Co to a Russian steel company. Novolipetsk will pay $3.5 billion, ensuring a potential 500% return in two short years for the politically connected private equity underwriter (PEU).

Supposedly, the Bush administration is scouring for levers to use against the Russians. Well doggie! One giant lever fell into their lap. But my guess is the sale will be treated as hot potato, passed around from one bureaucrat to another, until the review time passes.

Carlyle's nearly $3 billion in profit is patriotic and obviously furthers American democracy. So what if Russia acquires a company making steel tubes. Ask Saddam Hussein how that same product caused him much grief? Since he can't answer, giant steel tubes raised the specter of a Super Gun, while other tubes could be used to build missiles that deliver nuclear weapons.

"Dictatorial" Russia could soon control and American steel tube manufacturer. If only Carlyle could get them to overpay. Then Bush could pull a Chavez and nationalize John Maneely. Now that might hurt!

What's more likely is CFIUS lays down for the boys on Pennsylvania Avenue. They did it with Standard Aero and Landmark Aviation, purchased by Dubai Aerospace. One might expect over 50 domestic airport operations to raise more concern than a handful of ports. But these are Bushies, looking out for their base. The lever, like Chevron's Burmese gas fields, will go unpressed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Those Free Markets

Gas prices soared while the American driver cut back on driving. April saw a 1.8% decline in mileage from a year ago. That number accelerated downhill some 3.7% in May and 4.7% in June. A quick look at the graph above shows the disconnect between demand and prices. Gas prices rose 81 cents, nearly 25%, while demand fell. Only in mid July did prices start to ease. Funny, it happened after big oil announced record, record profits....

Bush's Great American Sell-Out Continues

The White House and Congress recently allowed Chevron to continue funneling millions in funds to the Burmese military junta. But an even greater indication of the Bush freedom sell out, now sits on the table. The Carlyle Group announced the $3.5 billion sale of John Maneely Co. to a Russian steelmaker. The deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter.

Bush has a history of covering for his friends down Pennsylvania Avenue. CFIUS subtly approved Carlyle's sale of over 50 U.S. airport operations to Dubai Aerospace. He conveniently ommitted the hospital with highest patient death toll after Hurricane Katrina from his White House Lessons Learned report. Carlyle affiliate LifeCare's 24 patient deaths warranted not one mention in the 300 page tome.

George W. has one more chance to help Carlyle make yachtloads of money. Will his administration approve the sale of a key American steel manufacturer to a Russian firm, operating from a "dictatorial" country? Will Carlyle's potential 500% two year return outwiegh international security considerations? If the past is any indication of the future, Carlyle will get their way, and Bush will pave it.

Operation Brimstone vs. Caspian Border Watch

The United States conducted a huge naval military exercise, Operation Brimstone, with French, British, Italian and Brazilian allies in late July. Kuwaiti media report two additional aircraft carriers steam toward the Middle East. As a result, they're preparing to enact their war plan.

Israel and Greece practiced a long range attack, Glorious Spartan 08, in early summer. Then they drilled on defending their country from multiple missile strikes.

Iran drills its naval assets in Operation Caspian Border Watch.

Newspapers suggest a naval blockade of Iran is in the works. Will the high seas provide the incident necessary for a wider conflict, one that decimates Iranian nuclear facilities?

After Russia's deep incursion into Georgia, Vice President Dick Cheney called for an answer, a strong response. Could an attack on another Russian proxy be in order, one that has Russian built nuclear reactors? Was the Georgian provocation intended to occupy the Russian military? Stay tuned, brimstone is on the horizon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

McCain: Rocky or Mickey?

CNN showed the McCain bus driving into a hangar to the theme from Rocky. It ended before I could see a young, chiseled boxer step off the bus.

But my guess is the guy who got off looked more like Burgess Meredith than Sylvester Stallone. Ironically, Rocky's trainer in the movie was named Mickey. Beware images fomented by political consultants, as they cut both ways...

Mike Conaway: House Salad Dressing

I watched the House Republican press conference held August 11 and saw my Congressman, Rep. Mike Conaway standing tall in the background. The session ended without his talking. I wondered, why didn't Mike speak?

Did it have anything to do with his #1 rank in supporting big oil in the House? Were the other speakers more dynamic, did they have more compelling messages? Consider Mike's words, shared later the same day, when he spoke from the House floor:

Fed up with the silent suffering of millions of East Berliners, President Reagan demanded: ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!’. Today we stand in the People's House, where our public debate has been silenced and we also demand: Speaker Pelosi, turn on these lights and give us a vote!"

Huh? C'mon Mike, who writes your stuff?

One of your counterparts used Moses' "let my people vote." Corny, but catchy. Here are some options for future speeches:

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
"Speaker Pelosi, light up this hall!"
"Mr. Craig, unlock that stall!"
"Mr. Conaway, attest to that audit!"
"Mr. Bush, re-sheath your balls!"
"Mr. Cheney, silence the violence!"
"Mr. Mukasey, justice for just us!"
"Mrs. Townsend, yearn for lessons learned!"

I'm sure they're many more. But please hire a staffer with some creative skills, other than lying and writing letters that don't address my concerns. This citizen, one of the 651,000, would appreciate it. By the way, I didn't ask you to perform political comedy theater yesterday, so you can drop the number to 650,999 in your next speech.

That Capitalistic Communist Olympic Spirit!

The Olympic Opening Ceremony song, offered by a young Chinese girl, was lip synced. The girl with the beautiful voice wasn't pretty enough to garner center stage in Beijing. So they taped her version of "Ode to Motherland" and had a more suitable youth move her mouth, presenting it as her own.

Now which spirit denounces the appearance of a young girl? Would that be the Olympic spirit? Does it fit into a government controlled model? Or does it sell more ads?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bush Worried About Russia's Duly Elected Government

Bush misspoke in his three minute position statement on the Russia-Georgia conflict. Around the 1:00 mark, he stated:

“It now appears that an effort may be underway to depose Russia’s duly elected government”

The print media made no mention of his gaffe. He must be tired from his Beijing family and rich donor reunion trip.

Cheney's Response to Russian Aggression: Attack Iran?

Guess who built Iran's nuclear reactors? They're Russian! Thus, they'd be great targets for Vice President Cheney's revenge plans. The New York Times reported on the conflict between Russia and Georgia, deep in Georgian territory.

Vice President Dick Cheney, in a telephone conversation with the Georgian president on Monday, said “that Russian aggression must not go unanswered.

After tossing the disposable Georgian President into the proverbial political fire, Dick will need to inflict damage for "justice" to be served.

And what better way to send Russia that serious message? Attack Iran, and cite the need for regime change.

A trade of Saakashvili for Ahmadinejad? It sounds like a late night, Yale RISK game. Someone trained for this very moment!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Send Your Stories of Abuse to Congress

Our Republican Congressmen want to press how trustworthy they are to help with the rising cost of energy. Like a longtime coach or beloved uncle, representatives take the time to hear our stories in the House chambers. They've requested them by e-mail and snail mail.

The problem is their energy policies caused the very condition. Darkness into light means coming clean. Since they won't, it's time to shine the light. Republicans are in bed with big oil. It turns out my Congressmen, Mike Conaway ranked #1 in the oil money ranking. Why would I send this person my gas receipts? Also, the Texas accountant took a full year to find out NRCC Treasurer Chris Ward submitted fraudulent audits from 2002-2006 and made off with $700,000. It seems predators congregate together.

Friday, August 8, 2008

McCain On Georgia-Russia Conflict

What if Presidential hopeful John McCain was asked about the deteriorating situation in Georgia's breakaway republic and Russia's military intervention into the conflict? Might he respond:

The first thing I'd do is consult with Czechoslovakia about tossing Russia out of the G-8. Then I’d build on my past success solving conflicts along the Iraq-Pakistan border. With this firm foundation, I'm the man to solve the problem. That I’d do, my friend.

China's Opening Ceremony Honors Bush Clan

America's Presidential Delegation to the Beijing Opening Ceremonies had a familiar ring, virtually half of the Bush clan and a few rich donor, family friends. But what a surprise when the Chinese honored their guests in a high tech stunt! Don't tell Laura if Chevron sponsored it. Some things aren't worth bothering one's pretty head over.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

John McCain's "Frequent Lyer" Program

John McCain's campaign bowed to the god of extinsic motivation with its new "Spread the Word" program. The Washington Post piece stated:

On McCain's Web site, visitors are invited to "Spread the Word" about the presumptive Republican nominee by sending campaign-supplied comments to blogs and Web sites under the visitor's screen name.

People who sign up for McCain's program receive reward points each time they place a favorable comment on one of the listed Web sites (subject to verification by McCain's webmasters). The points can be traded for prizes, such as books autographed by McCain, preferred seating at campaign events, even a ride with the candidate on his bus, known as the Straight Talk Express, according to campaign spokesman Brian Rogers.

Let me offer a McCain comment. His health insurance plan will hurt hundreds of millions of people currently covered by employer provided coverage. Businesses will dump that pesky health insurance benefit like poop through a goose, when the tax credit shifts to the worker.

What does that earn me, John? I'd rather have my integrity than a few "reward points", something the McCain camp obviously doesn't understand. But, you can join the program. Heck, you might win a cake!

Kuwait Finalizes War Plan after Barak's Uncompromising Meetings with Cheney

What did Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak discuss with Vice President Dick Cheney when they visited the week of July 14 and again a mere two weeks later? Mr. Barak provided some insight into the possible content of their meetings in his comments to an Italian daily:

A nuclear Iran would be "dangerous to world order."

"Either way, we need to keep every option open. If they provoke us, or they attack us, our army is prepared to attack and to succeed uncompromisingly," he asserted, adding that "it's up to us to find the best way to get the best result with minimum damage."

"Iran confirmed its message when it stood against the whole world: To deceive and to reject. Their aim is to obtain an atomic bomb."

Cheney seems to be doing his part with the mobilization of two additional aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf. Ehud Barak claims Israel is ready, but no Kuwaiti spilled the beans on his specific plans. Barak lamented Israel's poor outcome from the Amir Peretz led 2006 Lebanon incursion, but the Defense Minister cited things would be different under his charge.

"Two years ago, we saw the price that's paid for a lack of an experienced leadership. Nevertheless, today we're equipped with a good understanding to prevent this happening again."

"The State of Israel," Barak went on, "is in need of unity."

Oh no! Barak's using the old "unify the people via war" trick. We fall for it every time (other than a handful of peaceniks and academics). That fiction plus wars are good for the economy. Kuwait, home of US Central Command's Strategic Reserves, just finalized their war plan...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Surge" Training John McCain

Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain offered his third surge strategy. After the Iraq "success", Mr. McCain wants to surge economically and also to reduce crime in dangerous neighborhoods.

His handlers found use of the word reduced John's impromptu contributions, which frequently required the campaign to later say, "John McCain doesn't speak for John McCain." Their training involved a laboratory device, commonly taught to Psychology 101 students when they hit B.F. Skinner.

“Surge” reward
“Surge, surge, surge, surge”

Whoa there John! The dispensing mechanism can’t keep up…

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ari Fleischer CheeseHead Consultant

FoxSports reported the Green Bay Packers hired ex-White House Press Secretary and Freedom's Watch founder, Ari Fleischer. His one month PR consulting gig coincides with the team's wrestling with Brett Favre's future in the game.

In football, players throw spirals. In the political arena, consultants toss spin. Prepare to be spun, Brett Favre, future Hall of Famer. Ari's taken up the Packer's side. That leaves Brett out. He joins Burma, Pakistan, and Tibet, groups ignored by Ari's Freedom Watch. He can count on the same support Ari offered Buddhist monks and Asian lawyers. None.

Two Nuts Don't Make a Party

Author Dan Flynn is on C-SPAN talking about liberal icon, Rev. Jim Jones and his People's Church. He's telling the story to enraptured young Republicans at the Young America's Foundation.

Dan's missing the current Republican version of a self appointed messiah, Rev. Sun Myung Moon. How many members of the Unification Church attended the Christian Prayer service in Seoul to honor President George W. Bush?

Flynn got a round of applause for his words, "Don't drink the Kool Aid." I say, "Don't swallow the political nuts."

Koreans Greet Bush with Massive Foot Washing

President George W. Bush's visit inspired the masses to gather in Seoul, South Korea. Some 30,000 gathered for a Christian prayer service. The Pope like numbers come from the Emperor himself, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The Bush family ties to the head Moonie are a matter of historical record.

It happens George W. took most of the clan on the current trip. They comprise the Presidential Delegation for the Beijing Opening Ceremonies, along with a few high dollar family friends. So, the Koreans had alot of Bush to worship in the service.

And thank heaven for the planned boot licking, I mean foot washing. The water cannons, kindly provided by authorities, were needed to keep order as 20,000 anti-Bush protesters crashed the Church of Oppression, Greed and Violence. What luck, they were in place to drive off those dreaded devil worshippers. Were they Buddhist, Catholics or atheists?

As to the freedom to speak in the democratic country with a decades long American military presence, consider:

Police turned water cannons on them (protesters) as they tried to move onto the main central downtown boulevard, telling the crowd that the liquid contained markers to tag them so they could be identified later.

Oh, the glory of the Bush family world tour, as chronicled in the Washington Times.. Long live King George!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Freedom to Be Addicted

President George Bush is shown the Crackberry Anchor, the latest in communications technology. Addicted owners become immobile, never wanting to leave the life improving device. Thus, the manufacturer can make it whatever size they want! Similarly inspired gasoline companies are reportedly considering renaming their now expensive product, Crackoline.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cheney's Revolving Door of Top Israeli Leaders

With Israeli Prime Minister Olmert a political eunich, a triumvirate of Israeli leaders crisscrossed the American and international political landscape. Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz met with Vice President Dick Cheney on the Iranian threat. He's the latest in a long line of Israeli defense officials to spend time with Shooter.

The Philadelphia Bulletin reported on other high level visits:

Two high-ranking Israeli government ministers met with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in New York over the past two days to discuss Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni spoke with Mr. Ban separately on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

The Israeli defense minister emphasized all possible means under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, including sanctions, should be taken to ensure Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons.

Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter allows the Security Council to "determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression" and to take military and nonmilitary action to "restore international peace and security."

The Kuwaiti daily al-Seyassah recently reported Iranian authorities had begun construction of a secret nuclear reactor in the Al-Zarqan region close to the city of Ahwaz in southwestern Iran. Its existence remains unknown to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, which has focused on other nuclear locations instead.

The case for an attack continues to be made. For it to be a true surprise assault, only the basic foundation can be laid. No United Nations permission or approval can come in advance. It must be rubber stamped in hindsight. Was that the aim of Barak and Livni's meeting with Mr. Ban?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bush Free to Blame Congress on Energy

In today's radio address, President Bush declared his displeasure at Congress in the energy arena. George W. Bush said:

I know that high energy prices are making this a difficult time for many of our citizens, but it is important to remember that these high prices were not inevitable. They are partially the result of policy choices that have been made over the years by the United States Congress. Now Congress has an opportunity to begin reversing that damage. By opening up new resources at home we can help bring energy costs down. And that will help ensure that our economy remains the strongest, most vibrant, and most hopeful in the world.

What has the same Chief Executive said about past Congressional energy efforts? In November 2003 he weighed in, praising a Republican Congress:

I applaud the House and Senate for reaching agreement on a comprehensive energy bill. America will be safer and stronger with a national energy policy that will help keep the lights on, the furnaces lit, and the factories running. A good energy bill is part of my six-point economic plan to create the conditions for job creation and a sustained recovery. By making America less reliant on foreign sources of energy, we also will make our Nation more secure. I commend the Congress for its hard work on this important issue.

Two years later, another Republican controlled Congress passed a large energy measure, complete with $6 billion in subsidies for oil companies. In July 2005, President Bush issued the following statement:

I applaud the Congress for today's passage of an energy bill that will help secure our energy future and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy. The energy bill will increase conservation and efficiency, diversify our energy supply with alternative and renewable sources, expand domestic energy production in environmentally sensitive ways, and modernize our electricity infrastructure. Four years ago, I called for a national energy plan to address our Nation's energy needs for the 21st Century. The bipartisan energy bill passed today will give America a comprehensive national energy strategy for the first time in more than a decade and is critically important to our long-term national and economic security. I look forward to signing it into law.

America's energy present is the result of past policies, set and passed by The White House and Congress. George Bush could accept responsibility for his role, but won't. It's a familiar refrain.

Mofaz & Cheney Prepare Iranian Table

Shaul Mofaz, Israel's Transportation Minister, met with Vice President Dick Cheney recently. Mr. Mofaz has been very outspoken on the threat a nuclear equipped Iran poses to the Middle East. He continued that theme in his American visit, the latest in a six week long pilgrimage to Washington D.C. by top Israeli officials. A month ago, Mofaz offered:

"if Iran continues with its program for developing nuclear weapons, we will attack it. The sanctions are ineffective. Attacking Iran, in order to stop its nuclear plans, will be unavoidable."

Consider some of Shaul's current statements:

"Israel will not let a second Holocaust happen."

"... all options against Iran should not only be on table, but prepared."

"I had an opportunity to speak with an Iranian taxi driver and one of the questions he asked me was 'why don't you [Israel] come rescue us from this regime?' So now you understand the difference between the Iranian people and the regime."

The noble Mofaz prepared the table with Nicholas Burns, private contractor to the State Department, Sec. of State Condi Rice and V.P. Dick Cheney.

Who prepares a meal and doesn't serve it? Who will suffer from an attack on 80 some nuclear sites within Iran? It will be the "very kind Iranian people" mentioned by Shaul. In the words of a war making sociopath, "So".

Friday, August 1, 2008

Freedom to Record Spiritual Events for Future Gospel Inclusion

This post chronicles the discovery of the Jesus Cheeto, documents God's intent in creating the divine cheese snack and humanity's continually disappointing response (reference current plowshare production).

It does so for the hopeful inclusion in Bible 3000, to be compiled at the Council of Shanghai in 2992. The CD will be buried in a clay pot on the grounds of the Frito Lay factory in Hawaii. I trust a Chinese Catholic (separate from the Vatican) tourist will stumble across the find of deeply sacred and religious material. Also, it seems a good idea to use the traditional Gospel names, replacing the first letter with P, to indicate prosperity. Assuming the Jesus Cheeto is freed from jail, in the form of a dark safe deposit box, here's what could happen:

The Prosperity Gospel
(as Recorded in the Book of Puke)

(Puke I, verses 1-7) The Lord grew concerned over the growing legions of liberal bloggers, squinting at their computer monitors in dark basements. Their posts frequently attacked his favorite nighttime caller. George W. Bush occupied #66 on the Lord's speed dial, just after #65 John Hinkley.

But rather than strike the unclean liberals with lightning through their internet connections, God had compassion.

He sent his only fried cheese stick to save liberal bloggers. But somehow, the Jesus Cheeto ended up in a conservative blogger’s lap. Sure, this would usher in more God inspired wealth, the Freeper put the holy snack on E-Bay. In what could only be described as a miracle, bidding reached $10.

The Freeper took the $12.50 (they made extra money on shipping), and purchased new underwear. Hallelujah!

Translated into Chinese: Ho Lot Ta Bung, Yu Yank Eee Dung Beetle